The future of travel is about the curated experience that produces memories to last a lifetime.

Jetsett is a premier travel digital platform housed and produced by Plastic Media.


Jetsett is a digital destination at your fingertips, that seeks to share those once in a lifetime experiences and travel must-haves. As your go-to luxury travel platform, Jetsett highlights the best hotels, experiences, cuisine, and shopping around the world. With curated lists of things to do, see and eat, Jetsett is your first-class ticket to experiencing all the best the world has to offer.

Editor in Chief Beau Dunn, is an accomplished contemporary artist, actress and travel / beauty / fashion editor, who has spent her life traveling to some of the most exotic destinations. Inspired by her own personal travels, Beau believes that luxury travel should not be defined by the steep price tag, but should reflect the most memorable experiences.

Jetsett offers exclusive city guides, travel editorials, and interviews from your favorite celebrity jetsetters.

Next time you’re planning your next trip, whether it be just a weekend or a whole month getaway, Jetsett has you prepared for any destination at any time. So take some notes and get ready to live the Jetsett life.