The Beverly Hills Hotel

For over 100 years, the Beverly Hills Hotel has been a pinnacle of true American glamour. Whether it’s the classic pale pink coated buildings, the distinct banana leaf wallpaper motif, or from the photo of a famed celebrity, everyone knows of the Beverly Hills Hotel in some manner.

For starlets and sightseers alike, this iconic Los Angeles locale holds everything important in what it means to be a hotel. The charm of the property mirrors what it would have been like in the late forties with its country club elements and definitive California architecture. The hotel masters the role of comforting its guests with relaxing poolside loungers and an all American gourmet dining menu at the renowned Polo Lounge. Yet, one of the appeals of the Beverly Hills Hotel that draws unparalleled amounts of attention is the luxe attitude it portrays in its presence just off Sunset Boulevard. Other than the fact the hotel is rooted deep into the history of Los Angeles, the grounds and hotel itself proves that it doesn’t take high-tech details and all modern features to feel luxurious. With rooms ranging from simple double-queen suites to sophisticated balcony-adorned bungalows, there is sure to be a room setup that fits your exact needs. There is something unforgettable about the time spent within the realm of the Beverly Hills hotel that dually respects the rich history while also welcoming the current status of the hotel.

When you find yourself in Los Angeles for either a day or an entire week, don’t miss out on witnessing this piece of southern California charm. Grab a bite to eat in the infamous Polo Lounge or Cabana Cafe, take an afternoon for a world-class spa massage or facial, or check in to one of the timeless suites they have to offer. Regardless if you’re leaving or entering the Beverly Hills Hotel, there’s no denying that the green and white striped entrance doesn’t start to feel like a little piece of home.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90210

+1 (310) 276 2251